Inclusively Yours: Prophetic Message and Astrological Insights for 2016

February 8, 2016



The year of 2016 brings the opportunity to “stand up” and “stand together”. The latest Star Wars movie did not kick off 2016 by coincidence. It was divinely timed. The reason why will be more thoroughly revealed below.


This is a year many people will remember and reclaim their hearts and souls with the intention to stand up and stand together for humanity as a whole.


The last several years have been restructuring our psyches, pulling at our foundations and strengthening the fortitude of our inner emotional worlds to prepare us for 2016 forward.


The Uranus/Pluto square peaked in 2012-2015 which characterized a time of great change, instability and purgation of the past. We will still be in its wake for the next few years. Now is a time of integration, grounding a shift of consciousness into reality.


What we have been preparing for has arrived, and it is time to take action. We have reached a “Golden Age” … meaning a time when the rise in consciousness can no longer be suppressed, controlled, or stifled. The Earth is closer to the sun, time is speeding up, and areas that have been hidden in the shadows will be brought to light. It’s coming; it’s coming quickly, and it will inspire us to stand up with it because we will feel the momentum around us. What has been lying dormant within us has the opportunity to awaken more strongly right now.


Uranus, the planet of modernization and change, turned direct in late December of 2015 which brings with it an accelerated quality. The dominant astrological alignment that we are currently living in, the Uranus/Pluto square, emphasizes the importance of collectively coming together in a unified and progressive way. What makes 2016 unique is that in addition to this Uranus/Pluto square, there is also a Saturn/Neptune square which adds an emphasis on the evolutionary lesson of manifesting new vision. So we are feeling called to collectively come together in a unified way to either create life a bit closer to what we know is possible, or to feel disillusioned and give up if it feels too far away.


This year is a year of opportunity not only to “stand up” and “stand together”, but is also an opportunity to feel more joy and love in our hearts. It is a year that will pull back the wool that has been over our eyes or wake us from a numb state. This year will inspire us into our life force, heart and soul which will open us up to see the world from a new perspective…a perspective in which we have divine influence to orchestrate harmony and a perspective that has the power to weave humanity together as a whole. Issues that have created a divide in humanity will have to be approached from a humanitarian heart, meaning they will have to be approached in a way that sees humans as one species rather than separated into “good/bad, right/wrong, better/worse”. This humanitarian heart will also expand our desire for harmony with nature, animals, the arts, the spirit world and our ecosystem. At our core, humans are designed to participate harmoniously rather than destructively with our ecosystem. This rise in consciousness has to happen and WILL happen because there is so much propelling its momentum.


The South Node is in Pisces all year which is asking us to use inspiration and imagination, to bring a clear vision into structural know-how of the North Node in Virgo, a point of manifestation. Pisces South Node has the capacity to realize our interconnectedness as human beings and our interconnectedness to all things. How does this become manifest? That is our current task.


For many, this year will feel like eating the apple for the first time from the “tree of knowledge of good and evil”. “Good” representing what supports our hearts, souls, health, interconnectedness to humanity, Earth, the web of life, our ecosystem and the Source of all things. “Evil” representing all thought and action that stems from our illusion of separation: fear-mongering, manipulative methods of mind-control and abuses of power. It will be realized how much of this “evil” has infiltrated the dominant institutions, large corporations and cultural narratives used to govern the planet and hypnotize humans, resulting in the planet being stripped of its resources and a desperate survival consciousness that binds humans into being further oppressed and used for the agenda of evil. Because the wool will be pulled back from many eyes to reveal the covert tactics of domination and manipulation (purposeful spread of misinformation, stonewalling, gas-lighting, charismatic appeal to confuse), many people will perceive more clearly the dichotomy between “good and evil”. This ageless human dichotomy will be more starkly revealed through words and articles on social media, through whistleblowers, and even through the subconscious in the form of dreams. We must pay attention to our dreams as they will be speaking to our souls, reminding us of who we are, and showing us any truths that we need to see. There will be less of a divide between the dream world and the physical world as many of us begin to realize the direct relationship between them as aspects of singular reality.


A major focus in 2016 is related to the Neptune/Pisces archetype which accentuates dreams, meditation, contemplation, etc. It’s important to tune-in because we are prone to feel confused or lost (the Neptune/Pisces shadow) if we do not tune-in to receive such insight.  


Please note that “good” and “evil” are intentionally quoted because these words themselves have been used by dogmatic religious sects to provoke fear, shame, and separation in humans. Please use discernment around these words. Language is limited and what this channeled message is trying to convey is that “evil” is anything contributing to the illusion of separation, and “good” is anything that supports our understanding of our own hearts and interconnectedness to all things. It is further revealing to notice how the English language has been used against us to create further delusion and binding! That is a very complex manipulation tactic right there…


With a greater awareness of “good and evil”, MANY of us will feel inspired to say “enough already” and choose “good” (the high consciousness of integrity, discernment and love). We will have assimilated to varying degrees the broader humanitarian and divine light consciousness into our own hearts. More of us will awaken to the “illusion of separation” and therefore feel guided, even compelled, to challenge it. We will sense an inner call to stand together. Standing together in our choice for higher consciousness comes from a place of LOVE, and it is important to know that nothing can dominate the strength of the loving human heart and the powerful light it creates. Those who choose to stand together from a place of fear will only perpetuate and strengthen the illusion of separation.


This is a great year for a collective revolution! Many of us will awaken from our shared illusion of separation and will band together for the love of humanity and the Earth’s ecosystem. Many will gain transpersonal awareness of other-than-human beings. These could be angels, extraterrestrials, faeries, gods, goddesses and beings beyond our imagination. Many of these other-than-human beings are supporting and banding together with humanity to protect the Earth. However, some are buying in to our shared illusion of separation that destroys the Earth and humanity.


Neptune square Saturn has the potential to soften domination consciousness in order to allow people to grasp a broader transpersonal reality. The major theme with this Neptune/Saturn square is the dissolution of Patriarchy and other forms of suppression and control. Pluto in Capricorn has also been about this for years but the current activity with Saturn brings more relevance to our political and cultural milieu in 2016.


This year requires bold action. This year requires taking risks and making great strides from the “bottom up” and “inside out”. These “great strides” will look different for each of us depending on our own personal soul-calling.


Uranus which represents “change” and “revolution” is in the fire sign Aries, which requires separate individuals to courageously step forward in new, more progressive ways.


People who harbor a significant amount of prior resistance to the changes occurring may soon be inspired to leap into soul-searching. We may see wealthy people buying land or donating money to people or causes that are aligned with humanity’s expansion of consciousness. Some may answer inner calls to activism.  Lawyers may be guided by a greater sense of ethics in their practice, approaching it more from a broad humanitarian, even universal perspective. Some people will become more mindful of their gut, realizing that it is like a brain to be fed with true nourishment. They will challenge corporations like Monsanto that poison this gut brain and the bodies that rely on it. Business persons may become incredibly innovative, incorporating ideas that harmonize their business with the Earth, its resources and the souls of all of their customers. There will be people who are inspired to get their hands dirty, buy land, garden and cultivate community. There will be others who are inspired to buy housing for the homeless or create alternative monetary systems. Some people will be inspired to connect to “God” or the source of all things in whatever way they best relate to their spirituality and find comfort in devotion. And other people may dive deeply into healing and inner listening.  In whichever way each of us responds to our own personal calling, it will be a shift toward expansion.


The examples listed above are all examples that represent the conscious side of Pluto in Capricorn.  


This year will require us to be innovative and think “outside the box” and/or to support other people who are innovative.


This year inspires us to nourish our souls with our individual spiritual practices that are no longer used to oppress others. These practices are ours, and we get to devote ourselves to what we love.


This year inspires the arts. This year (and years to come) are revolutionary, meaning revolutionary art, dance, film, comedy, poetry, music and activism. We who participate will have a platform to flourish and the art we create will awaken many out of slumber. Remember the art and music of the 1960’s? We will witness the evolution and maturity of that time, NOW! “Saturn currently in Sagittarius until December 2017 reminds us of what is actually true about the 1960’s. It is more mature now. Extract the truth of that time. It is about love. We do not have to inherit the world illusion” (M. Borax, An Illuminating Talk with Soul Astrologer Mark Borax, November 8, 2015). We will experience a greater love and we will naturally communicate that love in a way that it will ultimately be known by many.


Neptune in Pisces is prominent this year and it correlates strongly with creative visions, art, dreams and creativity in general.


As the ancient “illusion of separation” causes constriction of heart and consciousness, it is imperative for us to band together for the sake of all humanity and to connect to things that are grounding, inspiring and full of life-force. Being with each other, engaging with the arts, being with nature, dancing, singing, laughing, eating nourishing foods, engaging in spiritual practice and sacred sex are some of the grounding and light-affirming activities we will be called to do.


Of a particular note, Mars stations in Scorpio this year adding more punch to physical activities which are vigorous and provocative. Some examples include sexual activity, martial arts, and healthy conflict.


Don’t be afraid of the “illusion of separation” and the abuses of power it generates. Each of us possesses the antidote within ourselves:  love, light, wisdom, knowledge of truth and the transformational capacity of our own darkness. We chose to live in human bodies because like compost bins, our bodies have profound transformational capacities. You can use that capacity to expand your consciousness by willingly feeling your emotions, and facing and embracing your inner-demons. These tools for expanding consciousness will provide us with a real connection to our deepest Self, to others, to nature, to the larger world, and to Source. Knowledge is power and love conquers all! Seeing through the illusion alone strengthens us beyond measure; it automatically tunes us to the rise in consciousness that is happening NOW. Remember the cartoon show “Pinky and the Brain”, where Brain continuously devises plans to take over the world? This “illusion of separation” is like Brain’s intent of holding the world hostage and it is miniscule in comparison to the power of the human heart and the larger divine consciousness that holds everyone is love. This is the awakening of true discernment and it must be grounded in this world. This is not a time to spiritual bypass. This is a time to see divine greatness while being fully grounded in the nitty gritty of this world, then taking action from this grounded discernment.


People who isolate themselves, those who resist the current expansion of consciousness, or those who do not listen to their bodies and inner-voices will be the most susceptible to manipulation and continued imprisonment within the confines of perceived separation. This particularly applies to people who isolate themselves in rigid group-think cults, gangs, extremist religious groups, extremist political groups and/or mind-sets that predominantly run on fear or desire for false power.


This is the shadow side of Saturn in Sagittarius which represents an adherence to dogma and other influences that are currently outdated.


These are people who feel they are fighting for good causes, people who will exert their will through abuses of power in their efforts to impede and destroy harmony. They are ultimately destroying themselves. People possessing this degree of rigidity, dogmatic beliefs, resistance, isolation, fear and desire for false power are predisposed to create violent situations that validate the agenda of evil. Ultimately however, no one in time can avoid timeless truth. No one can hold his/her/zir ground against the expanding snowball of consciousness as it careens downhill into our little world, shattering our illusions and setting our souls free to know and to be love. The snowball has started its roll. Momentum will only increase. Now or in some future lifetime, we will experience our truth.


Like having a fire lit under our asses, this year the price to pay is too big to not stand up, stand together, and expand together!


We literally have an emphasis on fire signs this year with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. They are inviting us to use fire and willful action in a clear and conscious way.  


The “illusion of separation” has always bound us. Its grip will naturally strengthen in both covert and overt ways the more we subvert it. However the human heart, its capacity for limitless love, and the light of truth is too great for the illusion to survive! Standing up and standing together with courage and love in our hearts weaves a colossal web of strength and light that is powerful beyond measure. We are beings of liquid light. Remember this! Let us listen to our hearts. Let us perceive our heart connection to all other hearts on the planet. Let us perceive the web of light we comprise. We as humans and as humanitarians need to protect this web. It is our divine responsibility. We will never be alone, protecting love, fighting for love. Like spiritual warriors, we will be driven into action by love. It’s important for us to listen to the animals in our lives as they understand this web far better than humans do.


Standing up and taking action from the inside out also means listening to our bodies and the intelligence within our own DNA. Scientific research delving into the intelligence within the human body and our capacity to shape our own realities will be revealed. Research will reveal such wonders as the inherent intelligence of trees, rocks, water, air and fire, of other-than-human-beings, even of our planetary and galactic ecosystems and the so-called “space” between.


This is more of the wisdom of Neptune in Pisces being revealed; the fact that nature IS consciousness.


Certain revelations gained through our scientific explorations combined with those gained through our internal explorations will inspire us to take care of our minds, to be mindful of what we watch and what we consume. We will be naturally inclined to limit our intake of sugar, alcohol, GMOs, unclean water and our use of electronics. We will avoid a litany of stimuli and relationships that create inner dissonance and stress. As a result, we will be more alert and tuned-in with stronger immune systems. We will pay attention to our thoughts and realize that our thoughts are not “us”, that many if not most, have been programmed into our brains by well-meaning and not so well-meaning people and institutions. We will possess a greater capacity to discern where harmful conditioning and mind-control have occurred through propaganda tactics and subconscious means. We will learn how to dissolve these in the solvent of soul consciousness. We will enhance our abilities by doing more to nourish the mind, body, soul and collective spirit of the community in which we live.


2016 is a year we are to pay more attention to the drivers of our thoughts. Big industry, the news media, consumer advertising, the entertainment industry, the pornography industry, the pharmaceutical industry, religious, political and cultural institutions, the day-to-day drama occurring on the world stage – all of these dance through the neurons of our brains, condition our thoughts, and therefore affect our entire bodies. 2016 is the year to reclaim control where we have been conditioned and mind-controlled. This reclaiming and rewilding process will literally save our souls. It requires knowledge. It requires willingness, effort and humility. Ignorance is no longer a choice we can afford. Life on earth depends on our choice. Choose knowledge.


Many people will speak up and speak out this year about anything that has been hidden from the public eye. The wool will be pulled from eyes ready to see and awareness will grow as a result, particularly regarding the forces of our conditioning. To whom this happens, their souls will have more space to liven up, awaken, shine and take action. This might mean for some a change in career, location or a relationship, or simply innovations to these. Whatever, it will stimulate movement toward new horizons. We will witness more interest and respect for innovative minds and more support for soul-driven careers because people will begin to place greater value in these areas.


The revolutionary spirit of these times is to clarify new ways of operating and to implement such changes into our systems and frameworks.


2016 will also demonstrate more shifting in attitudes toward our center of sexuality, releasing shame and/or domination in this area. The cultural conditioning of “man as violence object”, “woman as sex object” and the invisibility to the mainstream eye of those who do not identify on the gender binary will be challenged. We will be encouraged to experience and embrace sex, sexuality, gender, and gender identity in a new way that is closer to what being human really means…fluid. All polarities and polarity consciousness will be challenged. We are moving toward a larger humanitarian ecosystem, and divine consciousness. The importance of our genitalia and sexual organs to our overall potency, true power, and potential will become more apparent. This is important so that we control our true power while not craving false power from the “illusion of separation”. We must beware of pornography, as the mainstream industry perpetuates false power, racism, sexism, and conditioned sex narratives (just to name a few). We are free to rethink and reinvent how we want to have sex rather than let something outside of us dictate how we should be turned-on and what we do sexually. It’s time to heal and reclaim your sexuality and genitalia as uniquely and beautifully yours, to be expressed from the truth in your own heart.


This again reflects the Mars being retrograde in Scorpio. We are rethinking issues of power, aggression, connecting, and intimacy.


If our adrenals are over-extended, this is a good indicator that we are giving over our power to the current false power, cultural conditioning and dominant agenda running the show. Anywhere we are experiencing dis-ease, addiction, fatigue, injury, pain or other areas in need of healing may scream louder at us this year. This is not punishment. This is in service to our souls. These areas are calling us to slow down and listen to our bodies so that we can be transformed into greater consciousness and reclaim our soul power and liquid light-body.


This is also a year to realize that we cannot do it all alone. The individual “do it all” mindset where each person fends for him/her/zir self does not work. That only creates separation, exclusivity, depression, domination, poverty, hierarchy, etc. We will realize this with grace or we will realize this inconveniently, depending on where we are in our soul’s evolution and how willing we are to listen deeply (beyond ego-identity). Community and humanity will become important. We will realize that we can do our part and do our part with all of our heart, but none of us can do it all. As a result, we will learn humility. There is great solace in this, as so many of us (especially in the western world) have been conditioned to believe we need to do everything for ourselves. Unfortunately, in the “do everything ourselves” process, our true passion gets diluted. It’s time to band together so our true passions can be vital and potent rather than diluted. Together, we are like a glass mosaic shining different colors, textures, and shapes to project a complete picture. When each one of us fully shines our soul, we shine a specific color, texture, and shape of glass that no one else can, contributing our own unique piece to the whole. Each human is unique in this way. Although vibrant and unique in our own ways, we need the community of those around us to shine their specific colors, textures, and shapes to make us whole. We are connected to something larger and will feel the fire under our asses and love in our hearts to contribute our part to it.


Uranus was last in a major aspect with Pluto in the 1960s, when demonstrations and togetherness were similarly highlighted.


Likewise, 2016 offers a lot of opportunity and potential. It’s up to us to listen to our hearts, take risks, stand up, stand together and take action. It may be a hard year for those who allow resistance, fear, confusion, or a desire for culturally conditioned false power to take over. Action from LOVE rather than fear is critical this year. The momentum is strong. Better to start running along with the accelerating shift in consciousness than to be run over or left behind.


The dominant theme of the year is taking proactive steps to manifest spiritual intent, ideally stemming from the heart. It’s as if we all have some kind of vision waiting for us to claim…then share.


“May the force be with you”- Star Wars



Note: 2016 Prophetic Message intuited, translated, and written by Ruby Claire, MA,


Complimented by 2016 Astrological Insights (in italics) from Soul Vision Astrologer Eric Meyers, MA,


Title by Joan Binnings.


Edited by Joan and Clement Binnings.


Clement Binnings Jr. MD is the author of “The Grover Series” which includes, “Angel through the Storms” and newly released sequel “The Bubble Rule”

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