Lilith Languished in Lies

August 3, 2015


Lilith’s tongue is tearing through town beckoning us to remember the truth of her crown.


We have collectively choked off her voice, we have tied her tongue into knots, we have suffocated her sexual prowess.


Are we scared of her truth? Are we scared of being purified into our purist form? Are we scared of scaling her canal into our own rebirth?


Lilith does not lie, nor does she lie with the patriarchal phallus…which is different than the human engorged penis.


The phallus is a man-made unattainable construct meant to keep us feeling insecure and never satisfied. It’s a dark force meant to manipulate and control us into docile creatures who are not aware of their innate powers and live in a constant fear and need to consume everything.


Lilith does not suck the homophobic white supremacist patriarchal phallus like so many of us unconsciously do.


Unconsciously do just because we drink the water poisoned with fluoride. Unconsciously do just because we live in a world flooded with propaganda on every screen and in every history book. Unconsciously do just because we need a day job to survive and support our families. Where is the choice that we unconsciously do?!?!


It’s subtle, but it’s here, and I’m sharing it with you now…


This dark force is purposely leaking its poison in every avenue of our lives to make us forget. To make us forget our personal truth. To make us forget Lilith in her truth. Lilith in her playfulness, passion, pleasure, freedom, wisdom and creativity. Lilith in herstory and why she bravely refused the blue pill 11,000 years ago in the “garden of Eden”, in the seductive patriarchal concept of “freedom” that has us feel sedately free because the bars of the cage are of an invisible influence.


The “garden of Eden” may have been “pleasant” then, but it is out of control now. We have reached a lopsided collective threshold and need a new teacher,


But Lilith is languished in lies…


The silencing propaganda lies about her. It tells you that she is evil. It tells you that she will castrate you. It tells you that she will betray you or take your children away. It tells you that she is a seductress that will manipulate you. It rewires your brain to associate your greatest fears with her. The propaganda rewires your brain and sexuality to dominate and objectify her. Why else would there be something in porn called, “facial abuse” in which a man forces a blowjob on a woman and she chokes in the process. Just so you know, that is rape. They are teaching you how to “get off” on raping and silencing her, and you too are being made into a controllable docile creature who knows no concept of intimacy or pure power.


Yet she is the medicine that can wake you up from your sleep…the serpentine life force that can arouse you awake into your greatest knowing, passion and purpose.


And believe me, your purpose is not stroking the patriarchal cock…It may just be surrendering to the Earthly pussy.


The patriarchal hand pushes Lilith down on his phallocentric cock and she continuously refuses to suck it.


Why you ask?


She is not subservient to the constructs that destroy this Earth. She is not subservient to the constructs that invade your psyche and feed your addictions. She is not subservient to the constructs that invade and slay your fellow man. She is not subservient to Darth Vader. To the political invader. To the rapist mentality and pornographic player. To the “daddy knows best” mentality and the fear tactic of representing feminists as man-haters.


It’s not about men. It’s about the man-made system.


This is metaphor and your penis is so much more similar to all other genitalia than you’ve ever considered. The phallus is a consistently hard invader mentality of dominator, weapon, skyscraper, capitalist and rapist. You see, it lacks the sensitivity of the balls to ever be sensible or truly courageous. It unconsciously ejaculates everywhere without ever developing a relationship with its own seed or intention. It makes you believe that you have to “do”, “produce” and “perform” to be valuable. This system benefits men the most or at least makes you to believe so. In actuality, NO HUMAN benefits from this system and if you don’t realize it now, then you will realize it on your deathbed when you are confronted with the gaping darkness between Lilith’s thighs that will come to devour and dissolve you back into her universal womb.


Lilith exists beyond the system’s control. This threatens the dominant culture. This is why she was ostracized and demonized…why she was banished from the “garden of Eden”…the colonial occupation’s falsification.


Lilith is in service to the Earth.


She serves the ebb and flow of the tides and the ecosystem that breaks, shakes and quakes up the lies. She is a servant to the divine that douses you in holy shit. In the raunchy underworld dig that unearths your greatest treasure and feeds the lotus of your being. She is a servant to your greatest superpower. A superpower unlaced in ego identities, Pac-Man hunger or fear tactics. A pure superpower at the core of your existence…


It’s INTIMACY bitches!


And I mean “bitch” in the utmost way. The term’s origin represents respect for the fearless huntress Artemis, the “bitch goddess”, who is portrayed with two dogs at her side. Don’t you see it right there…peel back a layer of reality and look…we have been conditioned to hate her in our very own language. Terms that were originally used in reverence to her have been used against us. Our brains have been wired to feel fear, disgust and anger at the very potency that brought us into this world. It’s a great manipulation tactic that you hopefully do not fall for anymore.


How can you deny Lilith when you feel her? How can you deny her passionate embrace and purifying grace? How can you deny the truth rippling off her tongue into your heart, into your body, into your genitalia...melting the layers of conditioning away to reveal your feral Soul inside…your aliveness…your connection to all things.


Because you my dear friend have been bred to fear her. You have been bred to silence and dominate her…we all have. She has been languished in the lies that you believe in. To you she remains 11,000 years a disgrace.


But good news for those who are ready to take the red pill…


I’ve heard that Lilith is in town and she is beckoning you to come around.


This is an opportunity to wake up to her grace and the undying rapture of her embrace. This is the opportunity to listen to her rich language and the Earth’s bellowing call from her manured depths. This is the opportunity to follow her momentum that is changing the world one slap of the red tongue at a time.


May her persevering tongue rip through the streets. May her bleeding heart weep on your sheets. May she enter your life in an undeniable way and bestow the gift of forbidden fruit upon you…of seeing, feeling, listening, knowing. Knowing the difference between what you have been bred for and what is your undeniable truth, your birthright…to live fearless, wild, wise and in pure power. Your birthright to live in accordance with the harmony that surrounds you. Your birthright to slap away the invasive patriarchal cock that has invaded your mind, invaded people’s lives and invaded this Earth. Your birthright to know that you are worthy and have your own innate powers connected to the greatest good. You do not have to live lifelessly and dependently sucking off Darth Vader.


This dark force will seductively draw you in, make you feel powerful, and use you as a puppet for its own agenda then, throw you aside to deal with the consequences alone.

Don’t be seduced by your fears. Your fears feed this force. It will invade your psyche and restructure your thoughts for its agenda.


Listen…deeper…beyond words…






You cannot be "mind-fucked" when you are






I’ve heard Lilith is in town and she is beckoning you to become unbound.




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