"Ruby is an old soul with the heart of a kid that will never stop giving or loving. She is a timeless sense of compassion and if I were to be able to compare her to something then she is like the feeling I get when cuddled up by the fire drinking hot chocolate. She makes people feel like there is good in the world and that no one can take that away. She is safety in a blanket of love." -L.


"I took a deep breath and reached out to Ruby for a soul reading. The deep breath was not about Ruby, but about getting a "soul reading." I have a complicated history with anything that might fall under the "New Age" umbrella (as many do), so the deep breath was about allowing myself to receive support from someone whom I trust, regardless of any past hang-ups about "souls" and "readings." I am so glad I did it. Ruby has a skill that I do not understand, but what I do know is that even over Skype, I felt seen, heard and held by her presence and attention. She's an extraordinary listener (in more than one realm) and a poet to boot, brimming with strength and integrity." -Hillary Sinn

"Ruby's work is heart-felt, fierce and clear. Delightful to be around, she offers an intuitive reading that combines a deep love of the Earth with an open receptivity to the Great Spirit that unites us. Ruby is inspiring!" -Pieter Van Winkle

"What can I say about the experience I had with Ruby? Mind blowing, revealing, deep...to be honest, words don't quite do it justice. I had never had anyone do an intuitive reading for me before. I came in with an open mind, but not expecting anything to happen. As the session progressed, I became more and more a believer. The words that came out of her mouth resonated with parts of myself that I didn't know how to express. I came away from that experience knowing myself on a deeper level and also having a vision for where my potential lies. Further, Ruby's soft, elegant presence created a space where I felt comfortable and safe asking questions that were at times vulnerable to ask. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in acquiring guidance from other worlds. You will be surprised by what happens; I know I was." -Guy Guri

"Ruby's intuition was the perfect addition to the themes that were already swirling around my life. She helped me thread important pieces together, including places in my body and areas of my life that needed more of my attention, and specific ways to mark when something was or was not in alignment with the kind of life I am cultivating. Her humor, kindness and healthy boundaries make working with her as an intuitive guide a deep pleasure. Her raw honesty, passion, wit and humor shine through in everything she does. I can't wait to see more of what she brings to the world!" 

-Alicia Patterson

"What I loved most about my soul reflection with Ruby were the multiple symbolic images she shared representing my life and purpose - that seemed more accurate and significant than I could have dreamed up for myself in a hundred days. It seemed like she was seeing me at my soul level; beyond personality and psychology. I left feeling more attuned to my essence, and what to do to express my core purpose. My overall impression is that Ruby is a soft, sweet and generous heart tuning into and delivering messages from a vast meditative spacious spirit-realm. A week later, I'm still feeling the positive impact." -Bansi Buckley

"A vibration trembles, toss a stone, watch the ripples...Ruby red fox on the ridge of the temple. Does she not trot so incredibly nimble? If you listen closely with an open soul, the wisdom from howls and whimpers unfold. Be the light and the dark alas all souls must pass. The intentions remain, even after the body returns to grass." -Brian Pait

"Ruby is a bright shining red star at the horizon of the feminine revolution. She is our bleeding North star, guiding us back home into the deep womb of ancient wisdom, straight into the heart of Gaia. For as young as Ruby may appear, she is a roaring voice of power, fierceness and (com)passion beckoning us to surrender our falseness, conformities and insecurities and to return to Essence. She is the expression for where we've lost our senses. She is the voice where we've gone numb. I bow to Ruby. Thank you for returning. Thank you for bringing us home." -Sabine Messner

​"Ruby Claire is an intuitive oracle I highly recommend. Ruby performed oracle readings for the VIP tier of a live event I produced in Fall of 2015 in Portland, OR. She was present, professional and communicative in our logistical interactions leading up to the event. On the evening of the event she arrived with time to spare elegantly dressed and prepared. Because I was facilitating and overseeing the event I did not have the opportunity to observe Ruby's readings in action myself, but the feedback from those who received her readings was overwhelmingly positive. In fact several people shared with me that her observations were life-changing. I know of one person in particular whose entire approach to the area of life Ruby pinpointed underwent a total change of heart and improvement as a result of his time with her. This is the mark of a true oracle. I absolutely recommend Ruby Claire as an oracle and intuitive and would work with her again in a heartbeat." -Cybelle Clements

"I recently had an AMAZING reading with Ruby via Skype. Oh my...the thinning of the veils, the clarity of mind, how tangible my mental space and emotional tethers became with what insight she read for me from the wisdom of my own guides! I immediately felt a sense of lightness, of relief, a knowing of "what to do" and my days since her reading have shaped themselves into a more direct path towards my dreams and from my heart. Thank you Ruby! I highly recommend a session with Ruby if you are in need of getting clear. Her sweet, wise and gentle way will allow you the space to see what needs to be seen, and hear what the silent whispers want to tell you." -Stasia Bliss

"I had a deeply transformational session with Ruby. She has a very integrated style of holding space. The session flowed in a beautiful and smooth way, moving into the places that naturally called us. I felt totally and completely held in fierce yet gentle love, compassion, understanding and truth. She has quite a gift as an intuitive. She has a clear presence, which I felt was with me the entire time. I felt respected, honored and was also given the space to bring my own wisdom into the process. I came out of the session feeling blissful, renewed, deeply connected to myself, my purpose and the world at large. I highly recommend a session with Ruby, as well as would love the chance to work with her again! With the utmost gratitude" -Gail Margolis


​​"Why did I visit Ruby? I was feeling disconnected with my ‘Self’ and felt a deep desire to reconnect with my intuition, my wholeness, my body and my soul. And after speaking to her initially, there was a connection that drew me in, where I felt understood and heard. My actual appointment with Ruby was a beautiful ceremony of discovery, healing and ‘re-membering’ who I was. It was enriching and emotional. I know I’m not done with this work and will be seeing Ruby again very soon to open up new channels of communication, realization and action! Thanks Ruby, you truly have a gift!"      

-Suzanne T.


​"I experience Ruby as a truly embodied expression of the divine feminine in all its powerful, juicy, loving, fierce, soft, wild and grounded realness. She is gifted in holding and creating sacred space with depth of presence, connection and clarity. I have experienced her hold a beautifully healing space for me, create rich women’s ceremonies, and authentically relate in community. She is passionate, creative and wise beyond her years; a woman I would highly recommend experiencing, in the full spectrum of her many gifts." -Anonymous

"I came to see Ruby after hearing about her gift/services from a new friend. Within days and without hesitation, I scheduled a session with her. I had an inner sense that Ruby was the guide that would help bring light and focus to my own treasure(s). Ruby created a fertile atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The paints and oil pastels we played with allowed the subconscious to show up in a raw and unedited way. We were on a journey together, uncovering my mystery with mindfulness. I felt held and loved by the atmosphere created by Ruby. Subsequently, I have referred to my drawing and notes from the intuited portion of the session frequently. The messages delivered launched me into a scary, yet exciting remembrance of my creative grace and now I feel called to incorporate the transmission of insight that Ruby brought to me. Thank you, Ruby." 

-Marci Marchand

".... like a mirror, you are allowing yourself to be polished by life so that you may honestly reflect what is arising -- this is the great gift, Ruby, and I honor you for your bravery. AND your clarity! Thank you for showing up on my doorstep a few days ago -- not even knowing the big wind had toppled a giant spruce during the night -- to help celebrate the life of this Plant Being and to witness Her dismembering by teams of men with saws, ropes, hachets and trucks. Your deep knowing and ability to communicate the wisdom of that Being is still with me as I look out into the back yard every day into the open space where She once stood. Thank you for not being afraid to be who you are -- this is the deepest bravery!" -Leila Bruno

"Ruby creates sacred space! Every Summer I leave my Colorado home for the hussle of Los Angeles. Typically when I return to Colorado, an empty and eerie feeling greets me when I walk in the door; missing my husband and friends. Last Summer, Ruby stayed in my Colorado home while I was gone. This time when I returned it was different...She came into my home and brought tangible symbols of healing love. When you can sense healing with sight, touch and spirit, that is a powerful experience. All of a sudden I was given a direct connection to my creativity and surrounded by all, powerful, etheric directions. With love and endless gratitude" 

-Jeannie Church​

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