soul guide

how our gifts can emerge from our wounds

Have you noticed that some of your greatest gifts are often hidden within your deepest wounds?

That's where my ability to soul reflect came from.


As a child, the way I experienced the world was so “outside the box” that I felt like an outcast in social contexts. Since I didn't feel like I had an accepted identity in social contexts, I found my identity in connection with the vast spirit world and nature (where I felt seen, heard and understood). The spirit world and nature spoke the language I primarily understood. I integrated this understanding into the way I listened to, saw, and was present with people. I would see in the way my heart craved to be seen, and listen in the way I desired to be heard. I would see in a way that was taking in the archetypal imagery beyond someone's physical image, and I would listen in a way that attuned to what was being conveyed beyond someone's words.


Through my own dark night of the soul journey in my 20's, I began to realize the language I was attuned to that I previously felt outcasted by was actually a gift! A gift of tuning into the undercurrent. From this vast unseen network I can connect to the unique multidimensional soul of each person/animal/being and reflect it back to them or usher them home.

I feel honored, brightly lit up and full in my heart when I can reflect what I see in someone's soul, or illuminate their gifts. I feel lit up because this is one of my gifts to share!

© Copyright Ruby Claire