Intuitive Message for the Collective

Meet Ruby

I'm a writer, soul guide and local business co-owner alongside three other delightful women. I'm an anti-dogma, anti-dominant-oppressive-Christian-narrative Jesus freak that just happened to die and be born again in Christ. I'm a bridge between the expansive New Age acceptance of all faiths, and Christianity. I believe in the capacity of the human heart, miracles, and "becoming like children". I have an inventive way of thinking that has triggered people throughout my life and even elicited psychic attack. I found victory through Christ and have finally accepted that "naysayers" are boring. I hold an MA in Dance/Movement Therapy, a certification in Expressive Arts Therapy and training in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention and Conflict Resolution as well as End-of-life Care. Check out abrideoflife on YouTube where I share intuitive storytelling for the collective.

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